DIY How to Get Rid of DARK CIRCLES under eyes FAST using Potatoes! {DIY} Home Remedy ✔ Himani Wright

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pepsaebts: I tried this after watching and it actually worked. My dark circles was a bit darker before and then after I tried this my dark circles actually got lighter . Thank you so much :) xoxo

Sharvani S: Love it! Will try it today. Thanks! Please make a paper back book

Bass Red: You have a pretty mouth..

Princess Zari: Or once u have used it u have to dispose it

Princess Zari: So when u have put the potato cotton pad thing on ur eye r u allowed to use it again

Bee M: you are so pretty ^^

endeavour bobo: Can the dark circclee lessen if i sleep early?

Miss Fyfe: this is to easy!!! I'm going to try it out!!

Angelica taylor: I've used this for my underarms as worked!💕

Ayshe Senoz: whats the cloth called?

Jessica Torres: I see the fly

deisy perez: does it work for genetics dark circles ?

Naturally Mediterranean: The ageing process is an uphill battle but with these suggestions it should be slightly easier

123123123123 123123123123: Thank you, potato girl :)

Brooke Watson: does it actually work , i wanna know before i try it

No te Rindas: Im watching this at 4 in the morning 😂😂 , and i have morning classes

skrt milo: her smile 😍

Sharifa Webster: how much times a week should i use it

ArisonPlays: omg I never knew potatoes had juice in it, it's a great tip, bit I don't really get what it does to the dark circles to make it dispear

Yessenia Buruca: Does this really work?

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