zaluman: I hope this help abit. Because i can't barely sleep anymore. Always fearful that people hear my thinking. Always hearing someone talking about me. Words pop up from nowhere in my mind. I have tried looking deeply in meditation for Three months, hardcore. Just watching and observing. But this is driving me mad. There is Always a pressure in my head and sometimes it takes a whole day to get rid of it. Just tracking where it is coming from. So exhausting.

Sabita Biswas: Very powerul Supernatural healing method. Thank you and Bless you for sharing

Sabita Biswas: Those are the evils of the world comiing through the internet to try and stop you from getting healed, demonic forces come in many disguises. Please continue to defy them and watch as much as you can. If you become fed up and stop listening to the mantra, then they have defeated you! Are you unaware that the internet www, = 666 the number of the beast? But as long as you are using this scrying tool for good things, it can not harm you, but instead actually help you. Bless you my friend and don't lose heart

anony: why the hell is there 50 commercials in this video? You tube!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

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