Planet X is a 100% real & there are lots of them. or @NewThor on Twitter Real Astronomers are speculating on the distinct possibility that a massive monster sized planet may be anchoring Sedna & 2012 VP113 to our Solar System. The possibility of a planet lurking in the outer reaches of the solar system has gained new ground, based on the orbits of recently discovered objects. There is a new twist to the latest evidence, however, with suggestions of not one but two large planets at mind-bending distances from the Sun. Scott Sheppard, of the Carnegie Institution for Science, and the Gemini Observatory's Chad Trujillo noted a clustering in the orbits of the solar system’s most distant known entities, many of which they had discovered. Ten Kuiper Belt Objects, and minor planets Sedna and 2012 VP113, all have orbits that cross the plane of the solar system at angles that range from shallow to steep. Science & Astronomy & Celestial Physics. Scientists Hypothesize The Existence Of Two New Planets ...but Amy Mainzer & the WISE NEO team haven't found it or them? Someone ask Michael Brown about his Xena +++ tweet on twitter. What does Neil Degrasse Tyson & Phil Plait think? How does the IAU define a planet? A Gas Giant? A Gas Dwarf? A Failed Star? How many colors make up the main star sequence? Are there Dark Matter planets or Black Stars that shoot Dark Energy Coronal Mass Ejections? Is somebody making all this shit up? Should we sharpen the pitchforks for angry reptile invaders who are going to fry our livers? Oh NASA and ESA can you shed some light on this subject please? How come no one ever talks about Eris? Golden Apples? All that glitters is not gold. But. Silver is a mirror. Are there Silver Suns? What about the mapped weather on Brown Dwarfs? Is a red gas dwarf giant hidden in a halo cloud of dust unseen by normal telescopes? Is there something colder than a Y-dwarf? Is the Evidence that suggests 2 Planetary lurkers strong? Does anybody have any proof? Videos? Photos? Sketches? New News? ok. I love this topic. It's such a fascinating subject. Nothing would surprise me, Strange days indeed. God Bless Everyone, Live long & Prosper May the Force be with you always. T I THOR approve of this THORnews educational treat. (I am in no way affiliated with Disney Marvel & Michael Brian Bendis and the Female THOR.)


Kk Westbury: It's Charon the ferryman of the dead over the river Styx.

Allan Bolton: i suspect that dinasaurs were actually annunaki pets.they brought a little home with them when they migrated

Allan Bolton: how does water form without a terrestrial body???doesn't ice balls prove a planetary catastrophy??am i missing something?

merlynwylld: Dude! Its lucky for all that we are separated by unknown amounts of space and time, cause if we where neighbors we would have already figured all this shit out.

Asher sisny: Bahahahaha! You rock Thor!

TrueHamal: Come on, Thornews! Not everything is a joke!

Anne Jo Lee Ito: Best Video ever, you even made my mom laugh (while she learned;) 

Bowban: Eris is a Roman name, given that the Romans/Greeks/Arabs were all educated in Africa,(Tama-Re, Land of Sun) we should go with the name that was recorded, not Eris, (confusion starts with the Romans/Greeks/Arabs translations)  

josh haley: i can get behind this, id really like to see some math tho

todd8dogs: Eris is planet x, end of debate.  Pffftttt.... whatever.

cahoonu: I don't think I could ever be one of those science doods, they make everything confusing, of coarse its more than likely my lack of intelligence.
I do like the way Dr Evil's anti gravity device works on certain objects. LOL.
Thanks Thor.

LoV SonG: I love Fat planets, shine on Thor, entertaining as always. Check this out via Montana Sky Watchers

DarqueBeauty: LOL @ "binary thinking". I see whatcha did there! 

TheQuixoticelixer: Powpow rapid fire Thor!
Makemake me a double!

esplen2t: LOL 100% your funniest video!

eliot65446: I really like this video.  The comments are great.  Thank you Thor for all that you do.

2dogarage: Wowza!  Grrreat video Thor, looks like you're mastering those curves and what a long strange trip it was... very enlightening commentary about planet X... so now it's Eris too? 

Javier Trevino: Babies would start smoking cigarettes.. Ha ha..

kuna burger: "make make" me a drink  lololol..agree there are many X's out there, but one is the can mankind even begin to understand the infinite which was placed in motion by the Creator of all things seen and unseen. nice vid..

Danny Glenn Daniel: U did absolutely wonderful on this usual, ur the one to follow on this utube thing... :) thanku, u make my day!!!

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