Latest Planet X, 2016, Breaking, Ed Dames, Black Swan Song, Killshot, Its Real & Here

Latest Planet X, 2016, Breaking, Ed Dames, Black Swan Song, Killshot, He says Its Real & Close - Listen to this breaking interview with Marshall Masters here first at Leak Project Marshall Masters Shares Ed Dames Recent Debriefing via anonymous source - detailed notes & breaking info, summary below. Notes : Swan Song Ed Dames - Planet X - Its Real, Its inbound, we think its a planet but we don’t know what it is, December 2017 when it will be seen in sky. Harrington, Ferrada, …….. Planet X will interact with Magnetic Field & weaken it. Planet X will interact with the Sun directly, possibly creating Killshot. Ed Dames seen pointing at Picture of Nibiru passing Earth. Catastrophic Cosmic Lightning Storms, possibly causing the Killshot. The Pole Shift will cause a approximate 12' Shift of the Earth. The Planets core is heating because sun is interacting with Planet X Verifiably More Volcanic activity by a substantial margin. Ferrara said 57 year Planet X orbit to whip around the sun & Ed Dames says 6 months. When Planet X is visible it will appear as big as the moon. Anunnaki he was coy about it, mispronounced the name, said we thought at one time there was life on planet X but now we don’t and quickly changed the subject. Marshall discusses why he spoke this way, in his opinion. Check out Marshall and his work at Become a Leak Project Member @ for the latest podcasts and exclusive content. Also subscribe to for a plethora of data always free & cutting edge. Also has moved to a much faster server and podcasts are available ad free via streaming or download, Also check out Deals and Discounts only available to Leak Project listeners. Be the change you want to see!


Anon2017: Ummm. Ok so I've seen a hexagonal satellite partially eclipsing the sun and personally added to the body of evidence that led to the conclusion that at times a sun simulator is used. Not all the time. Further the average person can observe, with their own eyes,the wide angles manifested at times in the sun rays breaking through on overcast days. Angles consistent with a near earth light source. Maths does not lie.

SILVER SULLIVAN: Now brother I watched the lot. For all your Planet X info, this is your man. I'll watch any doco of him anytime and I would assume all the other Planet X fans. What I like best is his honesty. If he doesnt know something he doesnt make shit up

SILVER SULLIVAN: Thanx Rex, love your research. M Mathews is the forerunner for all Nibiru info. Bob Evans is a researcher he just talks piffle, just check out his rants on Facebook, absolute stupidiity, hasnt got a clue. Whereas Marshall is a very smart man, well researched and informative.. Even he does not set concrete dates

Vlasta Ff: video unavailable?

Vlasta Ff: video unavailable?

abramelin the mage: this is such valuable information. unity is key. not just with this but with everything. I'm in the UK and all this cap going on is soooo obviously the suits pushing for marshal law. we gotta stick together. bless

Max Rockatanksy: Ah, Marshall" make sure to buy my books" Masters.
The man uses everyone elses calculations and theories and than claims that everyone else's calculations fall inline with his own.
This man is a charlatan and a snake oil salesman.

Gabriela Kessler: Concerning fallen angels: Did you already interview some experts concerned with the occult experiments at CERN?

Gabriela Kessler: The Annunaki are obviously fallen angels. The devils goal was always to be God himself and to change the human DNA for reaching this goal. Therefore the fallen angels took human women and produced the Nephilim, the giants like e.g. Goliath. This manipulation of the human DNA was God's reason for the big flood, which only Noah and his family escaped. According the Holy Bible this will happen again in the end times. But God's punishment will this time not be a big flood but fire from heaven. Read the Revelation at the end of the Holy Bible, so will know what will happen and be warned to manipulate the human DNA given by God!
BTW: The Nazis did also deals with fallen angels = demons for the technology! And the destructive prize for this is known! The devil and fallen angels bring finally always destruction. See also the video with Jonathan Cahn about the altar of Pergamon = throne of Satan at Berlin and its effects during Nationalsocialism and Communism, when it was in Russia, before it was brought back to Berlin.
Surviving the tribulation is surely not by falling to the trap of the fallen angels because this will bring you into the tribulation described in the Revelation!

Gabriela Kessler: Why did you not interview Ed Dames directly?

sajamma: Thank you for this awesome interview !!

Däs Aptrgangr: Anunaki Storm trooper. Anything is better than friggin' "Star Trek" future. Those damned pajamas...

And A Half A Time: please give a break u live off people

Jennifer Davis: GOD bless you and your guest Rex💜💜💜

Al B: There are no other planets these are lights on the firmament. Space programs are CGI and Photoshop with the intent of hiding the firmament from they are shot in swimming pools and film studios. This is the great deception people.Do you see serpents tongue in the NASA logo? Wars and rumours of wars,earthquakes in diverse places, Obama-nation of desolation, sounding of Trump-Pence. Are headlines like Trump tsunami and brexit earthquake a subtle hint of what is to come? What about the idea of world government, a single currency and cashless society? The mark which no man can buy or sell without? We are almost out of time. Seek out Jesus Christ quick. All evidence on my channel. Take 5 mins outside of our fake reality and see. You know they are lying to you!

firsty surname: I hope that ill be the first to die when its going down.

Justin G: So where is Ed Dames? Bullcrap

Daniel Piraino: I believe Marshall was speaking about the Israelis (faith based & One for all, all for one mentality)

dontbedeceived repent: Marshall Masters is disinformation
Full patents of the artificial Sun have been released. I'd rather hear Rex. Masters is a former CNN.lacky

Robert Jerge: the ME regarding the slight various changes in names logos etc. for the purpose of sales and images does happen. HOWEVER, when the changes (to us) "never happened and has always been that way since the beginning", then we have ME. my perception and deduction.

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