The Reason You're Single - 1/4 Life Crisis 4 - Jonathan Pokluda

Maybe the biggest area of disappointment that leads to a 1/4 life crisis are those in the category of dating and relationships. In this message we explore from scripture the idea that the season of singleness is a gift, that God has a reason and prescription for how to use this time, and the way we can best steward this gift. 06.03.14



Jared Kilbane: What if you have fairly severe autism mixed with no good or great luck, and can’t compete well enough with other gift of gab type dudes to attract a worth while girl?? Honestly...seriously...WHAT THEN?? I don’t desire OR DESERVE this...yet other guys do?? Yet I have to just suffer with the single life as my best extremely undesirable option?? Hope I can get a strait forward understandable answer!! Please do not give me the whole...I can be like Jesus and Apostle Paul bit, either. That joke of a suffering type life is definitely not for most guys, let’s just be honest. Other than lusting after a beauty...or winning a huge lotto, or raping a beauty...HONESTLY WHAT OTHER OPTION DO I HAVE OTHER THAN SUFFER IN SEVERE DEPRESSION as a touchy feely type needing regular love and affection type 36 year old who’s never even had a good date once?? Thank you for reading and I hope you can respond.

JIL Forever: I so encouraged after hearing this message. Thank you for making this subject of singleness so practical. Jesus is Lord!

Irma Sandoval: Thank you God 🙏🏽💓

airplane800: When I was 15 years old I had my first Christian lecture on dating and marriage. I started praying for a wife and I wanted to be a good husband. I was always talking to the ladies in my church about marriage. I was always very romantic and enjoyed going to weddings . I've been trying hard for 30 years. I did everything I could. I was always involved in church. I don't have any family and because I am single I don't have many friends. Churches treat single people as second class people. Churches tolerate singles but they don't celebrate singles. I wish God was more romantic. Something that puzzles me is people that don't care about God and have amazing marriages. They get along well, they prosper and they don't care about God. I have a friend that left her faith to marry a non Christian and she is very happy, her husband is a hard working and honest man. It just hurt to go to church and watch all those couples going out to lunch with other couples and you just stay there alone and no one invites you. I spent the last 6 Thanksgiving and Christmas alone. I try to hint people in the church that I have nowhere to go but they just ignore. Seven years ago I bought a ring by faith and I did some Photoshop pictures of me getting married. It has been 7 years and I didn't even go on a date in the last seven years.

Nichol Jackson: Great message. The truth as spoken to us by God. Thank you for sharing as God spoke to you without limits. May God bless you

sweet belle: Nice words.

Sophia Sophia: bb

Sophia Sophia: because there is always something better than life....appreciate it...

roedette: So glad I came upon this. So so worth it. I will never forget it.

Esther Jewel: wow l loved this

Dominick john: singleness sucks

Felisha S: I was single for 14 yrs, then married for 6 and cheated on, then single again. I can feel some kind of way when married people say unhelpful things to me like "maybe God wants you to be single" or any of the countless other unwise things Christians say that mean well but have a different perspective. If I let my thoughts dwell on that person or what others think or say to me then I fall into the trap that God wants me to stay out of. Singleness sucks sometimes and marriage sucks sometimes and widowhood sucks sometimes and countless other things in life that are unique in ways but in the same way it's all suffering and we have to remember that as singles. Suffering is suffering. Christ said he has called us all to suffering and we can't point to each other grumbling why that person's suffering is different or "better" than my own. What we're doing is grumbling against God. It's God who is sovereign so what I'm saying is God has not seen fit to give me what so and so has and so and so is worse than me. Well that's an unbiblical statement right there. We ALL have fallen short and we ALL deserve eternal punishment from Christ. We were all GIVEN GRACE and GIVEN MERCY so we need to be careful not to be like the laborers who complained about their wages. Truth is we all deserve to burn in hell and whatever God chooses to give us or not give us at whatever point we should be grateful. This world is not our home and if we make this world or the things in it our focus we will always be complaining or comparing. It is the sin in us that causes us to look at our brother or sister and determine what should be rightfully ours. Do people say unwise things to singles or cause more suffering...yes...but it is our duty and grace as God's children to let those statements root out what might be evil in our own hearts and let God deal with that and grow us through whatever suffering he ordains. If we don't then we will let things like this divide us and won't listen to anyone that is not going through exactly what we're going through. It's so easy to want to "qualify" someone to speak to us but God spoke through a donkey and he can use anything or anyone or any situation he wants to deliver the truth. Saul prophesied about King David and he intended evil against him but God used him to declare his message of truth. I'm just saying be careful we can miss great truths and life-changing things because we don't like the source. No one has the corner market on suffering except Jesus so if we're not sweating blood all of us will be ok. God says to endure suffering like a good soldier. We are his warriors, his mighty men. Think of it as an honor God has bestowed on you to suffer in this way. It's not to minimize that there is pain and sometimes great pain but we must keep our eyes where they belong and believe God and not pain. Pain will speak to you if you let it and the end result will not be good and in time it will lead to bitterness and sometimes apostasy. I've seen it with my own eyes and have struggled myself with the whys and not fairs. ALL the pain and suffering a child of God experiences is used for both God's glory and will be for our sanctification and glorification. One day there will be no more suffering and all we touch will vanish. However if you decide to throw up your hands and go the world's way then all your suffering will be in vain and then you will suffer the consequences of sin in this earthly life and then when the end comes you will suffer for eternity. God is not mocked. Do not sin against God and your brethren for something that is temporal. This is impossible to do with man. We have the Holy Spirit in us and he must do it for us. We must press on and help the weak and not run them over because he or she may struggle with singleness more. It is hard. God didn't say die and mean sleep he meant die and there are days it feels like I'm dying. day...

knightsofthelost: Yes, there is a reason for this season and we will lose out on opportunities for ministry. But not every single can travel the world for ministry.

Mikhail Muntyan: 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Witza Franza: im very happy I be listening this since this morning more and more messages from you ..
I felt like God make me understand clearly from your messages singleness is a gift. .
you absolutely right
im 2 years single I always wondering if ill be alone for the rest of my life.
I always said GOD maybe because im pretty &my body
I always attracted the wrong men.
*but I guess I was wrong. .
I wish I have found this and stop saying stupid thing to myself and let GOD USE ME AND PLANS MY LIFE INSTEAD OF ME COMPLAINING ABOUT WHY IM 2 YEARS SINGLE IM PRETTY BUT CAN'T FIND ANYONE'S. .

Witza Franza: I always asking myself that but I never can't find a answer it is wrong for me to watch that ?since you mentioned.
*but to be clear I don't have sex with anyone's &im clear about that i can't have sec before marriage
it is also kiss touching not involved?

Witza Franza: wait im kind of lost in this part
*But im a human sometimes I do have( s......tion) I don't know the proper way to explain it...
I do watch porn so as a Christian you meant I can't do it?

truthseeker89 for life: wow this opened my eyes to alot of things

Marino Perez: I do agree with this Sermon but it would be more powerful whether the person it comes from were living the same situation I mean, were single!!

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