Right Place Wrong Time | Dr. John | Lyrics ☾☀

Released | February 25th, 1973 Disclaimer | This video is for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended.


Michael Zoom: I've been in the right vein but it must of been the wrong arm.

Ava A Foote-Newsome: Well done, my dear!✌

roundsout155: When the phrase "EVERY WHO I MEET " WHOVILL, HORTON HEARS A WHO , just wondering on other people's thoughts ??

Joe: Winterland (1972?)

Steven Mercy: a lil' brain salad surgery...

George Franquiz: WHy kind pf drug give you this crap? Good music though

All The Good Music: Super Cool .....

leav4g: I think this has been my theme song.

Duane Hayes: him?, the Last Waltz, Me?, the first time.

Lucas Rackley: Who would like to hear this in Guardians of The Galaxy vol 2.

Lucas Rackley: Sahara

Lauren Ford: I'm always in the right place, but alas, my watch is slow.

Ben Weissman: Dazed and Confused ^_^

greenmanwl: I like your lay out here, funkadelic thx..

KO Returnman: hahahaha

D Franks: those backup singers have got to be the best ever!!!

jeff coward: Thank you for 30plus yr i never knew what the damn lyrics were....lol

1stSaintsFan: There was nothing like it at the time when I saw Mac with a full band and live show when he was at the top of the charts. Voodoo Rising and the girls were busting out.

KO Returnman: The coolest swamp rock funk- type tune ever .

DarkDennis1961: Oh this takes me back...i was kid who had my radio on 24/7

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