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Leanna Bass: I did that same thing whith both ears cause I could not here out of my ears that well so and then after that could see in my ear better and they saw that I also had a double ear infection so I had to have medicine

Lillian H.H: She's so lucky when I went to my doctors to get my big clump of ear wax AND THEY GOT IT OUT WITH TWEEZER LIKE THINGS!!!

Maverick_F14: How the hell did I just get here...........?

Trixie Cagampang: Can u add that slow motion replay in Baldis Basic Secret? Haha

Paige Russell: I need him as my doctor

Will Hartzke: It's so satisfying

Mike Msp: Does it actually hurt?

Kevin Teran: Hey doctor
Do u use pure water for ear flushing ?

Tom Boxing01: Eww

Marlene Terry: And can we wear gloves too please before you touch the earwax?

Songyeon Choi: Eww!

Quandery Carter: Why the fuck is she crying its just fucking water

Alexandra Sidhu: Nambar phone plizz

blanquita Ortiz: omaiga 🤢😂😂😂

Kreamy_ _: I like watching ear wax removal for some reason

Charlyne Osborne: I love the gentle way Dr. Paul cares for his patients. We need more doctors like this in the world. Keep up the good work. Continue to show others that your not just here for a paycheck.

Rg Gaming: Wa-a-a-t-er

Izzie & Freddie’s Triwizard channle: Gross

Taehyung is My bias: I watch these all the time

ScamperKatz ROBLOX and ART: Poor girl :(

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