The Time You Shouldn't Die For Me (Day 567)

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Vividwrecker16: I'm not gonna lie, I love lilly and I'm a DIE HARD FAN and I've been that for a long tom and I'm dying to meet her 1 day, I literally love all her videos and watch all her daily vlogs and I truly appreciate her for every blood, sweat and tear she had. I'm gonna say something and it's only my opinion, Lilly should stop singing because guuuurl, NO. My voice even sucks and also it's only my opinion. Thank you.

Bangtrash Kim: did she just say Kenya

Bexy Evans: Lily, the point of this song is that they would rather die in your place because they love you. How can they give you their last piece of cake in that situation?

streetside121: waste gyal lilly

Elise Wagner: I loved the Canada day video so much oml

Benita W: " I occasionally might give you the last piece of cake" 😂😂

Melissa Semegran: Check out Jenna Marbles' "Realistic Love" song!!

jclimb: Wait when she was talking about the stale food she said she lived alone but I though of her friend Humble lived with her?

Natasha Orwenyo: when Lilly said "Kenya" I just had a mini heart attack and told my friends if she comes to KE we MUUSTT be the first to get the tickets

Magick O'Daly: I feel like Lilly would like the Fairy Tail quote "We don't die for our friends, we live for them" :']

Craz4Jesus3: 5:27-6:28 is the BEST PART lol. Lilly you're the best!

Ivy Muthari: holy crap!!! did she just say Kenya!!? aaaaah

PositivePanda: Okay but you actually look really good with "facial hair" like that??? Conclusion: Lilly would be a really hot guy

King Millo: I'm currently in Canada…😄

Kaylee Guth: My hair is the same way ... Hella annoying. I'll get 6 + inches off and it will still do it.

melissa0755: I never realised there was something like a scratch mark (that looks like a hickey) on Lilly's neck until I read the comments lol.

Ebonyy Hernandez: lilly's main sentence "That's what's crackalaking"


chelsea spencer: Friday now😊

Alicka Cupcake: Am I only one who thought of twenty one pilots when Lilly was talking about taking bullet for someone and dying for someone :3 made my day

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